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Administrative assistant


Description of tasks to be undertaken by the trainee(s)

Candidate will do the traineeship within Administrative Department for Economy, Entrepreneurship and Development of the City of Šibenik - in Urban Centre or Urban Incubator, located in the City Center.

Department is responsible for the Economic analysis and development of the City, preparation and implementation of city wide projects including projects that are co-financed from national and European Union partners.


Profile of Trainee

Qualification: Educational Qualifications/Vocational Training

High school diploma or equivalent
College degree (bachelor or master)

All candidates are strongly encouraged to apply, regardless to their cultural, religious and ethnic differences, as well as economic and social barriers, physical disability and geographical disadvantages.

Candidates will be evaluated according to their strong desire to learn and work and their possible contribution to the success of our business activities with their ideas and dedication to work.

Personal and Social Skills

- Ability to work in team
- Ability to work in non-traditional work setting
- Problem solving attitude
- Personal and digital communication skills
- Strong interpersonal skills
- Enterpreneural spirit

Language Skills

English language is mandatory - C1 or C2

Information Technology (IT) Skills

MS Office suite
Experience with 3D printer, 3D scanner or plotter will be an asset
Photoshop, multimedia and digital marketing

Other Prerequisites/Skills

Experience in project preparation and implementation of the EU, will represent an added vaklue to the candidates profile

Currently there are 1 youngsters selected for this traineeship.

See the conditions for this traineeship.

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Region: Sibenik-Knin

Area: Business sciences / Administration

Duration: 3 month(s)

Beginning: 31 Mar 2018

Ending: 30 Jun 2018

Deadline: 29 Jan 2018

Language course



Number of trainees




Includes trips abroad


Work schedule

Monday-Friday 8:00-15:00