The trainee will have a professional training allowance. At the beginning of the traineeship a training convention will be signed by all the involved parts: company, trainee and by the regional authority - Arges County Council. A member of the host organisation will supervise the trainee.

Trainees will receive a monthly allowance of 350 € allocated for food and transportation. Arges County Council will cover accommodation costs.

* The scholarship amount is indexed to the cost of living in the country of destination.

During the language course and the practical traineeship, the trainee will lodge in an apartment. This is full equipped (cable TV, internet, washing machine, microwave, refrigerator). Accommodation expenses are covered by the region. Before departure the trainee will pay an amount of 70 € for house cleaning services and repairs.

Language training:
Intensive Romanian language course for the entire period of the traineeship, displayed in the first month of the traineeship. This is supported by the programme, 60 hours where they have the opportunity to enhance the skills of understanding, listening, writing and speaking Romanian. Language training will run from Monday till Friday and the costs of the courses are paid by the Arges County Council and are compulsory.

Cultural and social activities:
During traineeship the trainee will make cultural activities to discover different sides of Romanian culture and places.

Required documentation:
- Passport or national identity card - Health insurance for the entire period of the traineeship - Copies of diplomas and qualifications - Health certificate

The trainee is expected to fulfil the responsibilities of the traineeship as assigned by host organisation. During traineeship the trainee is not allowed to have holiday. The transportation expenses are dependent upon the trainee to come to Arges. The trainees will receive the allowance at the end of the first month so they need to bring 350 Euro to cover their expenses for the first month.


Traineeships are available all year for this region.