The Trainee Status follows the status of the youngsters in vocational training in Portugal.

Each trainee is entitled to a monthly allowance of 500 EUR. That amount is to cover food and personal expenses. Trainees should bring some extra money in order to face the expenses during the first month. The scholarship will be transferred to the bank account that trainees will open in Madeira Region, at the end of each month.

* The scholarship amount is indexed to the cost of living in the country of destination.

Trainees will be accommodated in a Residence - "Centro de Juventude do Pico dos Barcelos", in Funchal City. The expenses of accommodation and transports are supported by Madeira Region. Trainees should share bedroom with private bathroom(one for two persons), kitchen and living/dining room. The house (residence) has internet access and TV and is near to a bus station.

Language training:
The Language course is during the first month - 80 hours of Portuguese classes and 20 hours for a cultural program. At the end of the Language course, each participant will receive a certificate.

Cultural and social activities:
Tours will be organized to visit museums, monuments and the most emblematic places of Madeira.

Required documentation:
European Health Insurance Card and/or private insurance, medical certificate, National Identification Card or Passport, certificate of studies.



Start End
01 May 2014 31 August 2014
01 June 2015 30 September 2015
01 June 2016 30 September 2016
01 June 2017 30 September 2017
01 June 2018 30 September 2018