A 3 month internship program is being organized in the Republic of Srpska. Participants in the program shall have the status of a volunteer intern. Every participant shall sign an internship contract for foreign nationals with the Ministry for Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation.

The costs of tuition fee for the participants in the program shall be borne by the Ministry for Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation of the Government of the Republic of Srpska. Every participant in the program shall receive a monthly salary in the amount of €300. This amount shall be paid to the applicant’s account, open in a bank in the Republic of Srpska, during the last week of each month, therefore the applicants are advised to bring sufficient funds for own costs during the first 3 weeks of their stay in the Republic of Srpska (approximately €200).

* The scholarship amount is indexed to the cost of living in the country of destination.

The applicants shall be accommodated in a hostel in Banja Luka or in private accommodation, throughout program duration. Hostel accommodation means a single room with shared bathroom and kitchenette, while private accommodation means a studio apartment with a kitchen and a bathroom. One meal shall be provided at the restaurant located within the Administrative Center of the Government of the Republic of Srpska. In case of irresponsible behavior or possible damage to the property of the Ministry or accommodation unit, the tuition fee shall be subject to reduction by the amount required for reimbursement of the incurred damage.

Language training:
Language course shall be organized twice a week throughout program duration. The applicants shall acquire basic knowledge of the Serbian language and be able to use it in various situations. Costs of the language course shall be borne by the Republic of Srpska.

Cultural and social activities:
Several various social and cultural events shall be organized for the participants during the program, in order to introduce them to the culture and tradition of the Republic of Srpska.

Required documentation:
Passport valid for at least six months from the date of program initiation, photocopy of ID card, copy of diploma, medical certificate of general physical and mental fitness of the applicant, (all documents, except passport, must be translated into English). Private health insurance is required prior to the arrival to the Republic of Srpska (European health insurance card is invalid in Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Basic knowledge of the Serbian language shall not be a precondition for participation in the program, as working language during the internship shall be English. The applicants must have sufficient command of the English language to be able to perform their work duties (at least B2).


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