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In Romania, in the eastern part of Transylvania, Harghita County lies in a depression surrounded by the Eastern Carpathians. It is famous for its protected treasures, rejuvenating baths and springs, winter sports, beautiful living traditions and colorful landscapes in every season.

Protected “Treasures”

For the tourists who are looking for amazing sights and memories of times long past, Harghita county is definitely a place to see. The region offers a variety of landscapes and natural wonders such as fields of wild flowers, the peaks of the Harghita Mountains which are also an inexhaustible haven for wondrous and ancient plant species. It is quite possible that nowhere else in the Carpathians can you find firs more slender, narcissus fields more beautiful and peat bogs more mysterious then here. This amazing environment is the place where the brown bear, the red deer, the wolf and the trout can flourish. Lately authorities have taken the protection of these natural wonders very seriously. In Harghita County there are 35 protected areas and national parks, the most important is the Cheile Bicazului-Hăşmaş park where you also find the springs of Olt and Mureş.

The Land of Rejuvenating Baths and Springs

Due to volcanic activity there are more than 2000 mineral springs in the region, the water from some of which is bottled and shipped all over the world. In Jigodin, Băile Tuşnad, Sântimbru Băi, and Harghita Băi there are fumaroles, which have therapeutic properties due to their carbon dioxide and brimstone emissions. In order to exploit the numerous natural resources like mineral water, salt mines, fumaroles, and fresh air, the county has a chain of internationally recognized resorts like, Tuşnad, Borsec, and Praid.

The Land of Winter Sports

Due to its particular climate Harghita county has a long-standing tradition in winter sports, being the cradle of ice hockey in Romania. The teams of Miercurea Ciuc and Gheorgheni brought home several championship titles, achieving remarkable results. Our athletes have outstanding achievements also in speed skating, nordic skiing, biathlon, and bobsled. The best-known ski tracks are in Harghita Băi, Harghita Mădăraş, Izvoru Mureş and Homorod Resort. Harghita Băi, which administratively belongs to Miercurea Ciuc, is the favorite ski resort of the locals, winter sport enthusiasts being able to choose from several modern ski tracks. The resort also offers a variety of accommodation possibilities.

Living Tradition

The folk culture of the county has roots that go back several hundreds of years. The art of spinning and weaving, wood­carving, and pottery have been preserved and passed from generation to generation. The Szekler rugs, carved wooden gates, coloured and black pottery of Corund and Dăneşti are internationally renowned trademarks of the region. Numerous institutions endorse the preservation of local traditions, and folk dances. 

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