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Welcome to Trentino: land of nature, culture, traditions and innovation

Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol is an Italian region located in the north-east of the peninsula, which borders with Switzerland and Austria to the north. Situated in the heart of the Alps, the province of Trento lays mainly on mountain ground. Due to its morphological composition, Trentino has one of the lowest concentrations rate of population in Europe. Trentino has a special autonomous status and enjoys the benefits of special, legislative, financial and administrative autonomy.

Trento, which is the regional capital city, in spite of its dimension (115.000 inhabitants), is an important cross road between the Mediterranean and the Alpine areas and a place of cultural dialogue. Due to its geographical position, Trento is well connected with other main Italian and European cities such as Venice, Verona, Bolzano, as well as Innsbruck and Munich. The Province offers a wide range of natural and cultural attractions, a perfect mix of typical Italian renaissance architecture and Central European atmosphere.

In Trentino, the main attractions worthy of mention are the mountain group of the Dolomites (inscribed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List), Lake Garda and many other lakes scattered around the area, which offer plenty of occasions for outdoor activities and make this place a real paradise for those who love sports. The most popular activities are mountain climbing, mountain biking, trekking, skiing, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and many others.

Trentino’s culture, history and traditions are the area’s main pull-factors that every year attract visitors from all around the world. Representative examples are the beautiful Piazza Duomo with its Neptune fountain in the hearth of Trento, together with the Castello del Buonconsiglio, the newly created modern science museum MUSE designed by the famous Italian architect Renzo Piano, as well as the MART art museum in the city of Rovereto.

Trentino is an important production centre of fine wines, among which Trentodoc sparkling wines renowned around the world. Furthermore, many wineries offer guided wine tours and tasting that allow visitors to get directly in contact with the local traditions.

The city hosts also important research centres such as Fondazione Bruno Kessler and Fondazione Edmund Mach (S. Michele all’Adige), and organises a series of cultural and creative events such as  Festival of Economics, International Mountain Film festival and Sounds of the Dolomites.

According to the latest rankings, the University of Trento figures among the best Italian universities. It counts over 16,000 students coming from all over Italy, Europe and other continents, giving to the city a very international atmosphere.



Some hints on the economy of Trentino/Alto-Adige  


The Trentino/Alto-Adige Region is among the 50 European regions with the highest GDP, well-being and quality of life. The unemployment rate is one of the lowest in Italy. The economic structure of Trentino Alto-Adige/Südtirol is characterised by small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly in the secondary and tertiary sectors.

Local industry is mainly boosted by three sectors (namely tourism, construction, agricultural and food industry) and it employs a quarter of the local workforce. The main agriculture productions include: apples, vegetables and grapes. Important especially for their quality, the latter are used for the production of renowned wines and sparkling wines. The service sector employs half of the workforce of the province and is now experiencing a very dynamic phase based on innovation, mainly in ICT.

In Trentino Alto-Adige/ Südtirol, the last fifteen years have witnessed an impressive growth in the number of businesses involved in information technology, thus contributing to the creation of what is commonly defined as an innovation cluster. The labour market in Trentino Alto-Adige/ Südtirol is attractive for foreign workers.

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