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Looking for personal development, a new experience, adventure, and fun, mixed with a little bit of history, culture and wild nature? A three to seven months training in the Eurodyssee Programme in the Caras-Severin is your answer.


On the map: in the South-West part of Romania – look where Danube enters Romania. It’s the natural border between Romania and Serbia for about 70 km.


Geography: covered mostly by mountains and hills, also known as Banat Highlands. It provides visitors with special treatments ranging from wild and unattained nature, natural parks and mineral spas, to a large variety of flora and fauna, caves and the fantastic Danube Canyon.


History: it’s the south part of the Banat Region – strategic point of the Austrian Empire. It has an exceptional and divers patrimony. The traces dating back to pre-historical times can be found together with ruins from medieval and the Roman period. The Vienna style baroque adds a very unique touch. A good example is the Baile Herculane resort (the Spas of Hercules) funded during the Roman Empire and rediscovered by the Austrian administration in the 18th Century when the spas where revived and new palaces where built. Mining and heavy industry was also part of the Banat Highlands history. The Locomotives Museum, tunnels, bridges and the fabulous mountain railway connecting Oravitza and Anina are part of the region’s industrial patrimony.


Culture: ethnography and folklore provide both visitor and specialist with a large variety of attractions. Local traditions, rural production of textiles and the rural industrial installations (water mills) are a proof of the local creativity. Different monuments, the rural and urban museums, the old theatre and the mining pharmacy from Oravitza are just some of the attractions. The 18 ethnic groups of the region who are living for centuries in perfect ethnic and religion harmony brought their culture and traditions just to enrich the cultural patrimony and to give a local touch to the region. The folkloric festivals of this ethnic diversity are a living proof for preserving and continuing the local traditions, especially in the villages of the Caras-Severin County. The Jazz and Folk Festivals from Garana (Wolfsberg) became during the recent years an important place on the international jazz scene due to the famous artists who played here and also due to the picturesque Czech-German mountain village.


Nature and history, mountains and folklore, Danube and cuisine, landscapes and romantic railways, water mills and hospitality are some of what the Banat Highlands has to offer. Three to seven months of training won’t be sufficient but you’ll get a taste of it.

Banat Highlands is challenging you to an unforgettable adventure.



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