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Lost in the Atlantic Ocean is the deepest secret of all times. In an intentional silence, in between the green of the fajãs and the blue of the whales, the sentiment of a people breaks out like a waterfall, embellished by the hydrangeas, born in the heart of every Azorean. Their soul encloses the earth song, that the wind takes in one voice to the senses of those who don’t know it.

In a place where Humankind merges in the earth and the sky, in an infinite pride guided by destiny, an utopia comes true. This is an isolated paradise that insists in remaining lost, surrounded by mist and the whistle of the seagulls.

Mother Nature, wise and capable, created paradises in  every corner of the world. The Azores are one of them and we would like to invite you to get inspired and to get to know the special features of this place: its landscape, its gastronomy, nautical sports and its customs.


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Autonomous Region of the Azores

Personal information

Paula Andrade
Responsable Politique Regional

Maria Vitória Soares
HR officer

Divisão de Programas para o Emprego
Rua Dr. José Bruno Tavares Carreiro, s/n
9500-119 Ponta Delgada
Portugal – Açores
Tel.: +351 296 30 80 00
Fax.: +351 296 30 81 93

Agência para a Qualificação, Emprego e Trabalho
de Angra do Heroísmo
Travessa de Santo Espírito, nº 2
9700-178 Angra do Heroísmo
Portugal – Açores
Tel. +351 295 40 13 80
Fax: +351 295 21 75 74

Operational officer

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Autonomous Region of the Azores
Direção Regional do Emprego e Qualificação Profissional

Rua Dr. José Bruno Tavares Carreiro
9500-119 Ponta Delgada Portugal
Phone numbers
Work +351 296 308 000 Fax +351 296 308 193
Website of the Azores Goverment