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The County of Baroque Splendour

Varaždin County is famous for its Baroque splendour, its music and art, and its unspoilt wild-life and unique scenery.

In the region between the River Drava and the forested slopes of Ravna Gora, Kalnik and Ivanšćica, the highest Zagorje mountain, lies a wealth of Croatia's historic and cultural heritage.

The Varaždin area boasts so many tourist spots that it is one of the most attractive destinations in Croatia.

The region has been inhabited from time immemorial, as witness the world-famous Vindija cave, which contains the first traces of prehistoric man in Europe.

There are countless churches, from the small one in Lepoglava's Purga, decorated with Ranger's frescoes, to Varaždin's splendid Baroque cathedral, numerous manors, such as Maruševec, wonderful ornamental parks, like the Opeka Arboretum, and many castles (Batthyany in Ludbreg, and the Old Castle of Varaždin, for instance).
One of the most magnificent places to see, medieval Trakošćan, is the pearl of Hrvatsko (Croatian) Zagorje, situated on a hill and surrounded by a forest-park and a lake, where a nature-trail provides peace and relaxation. An exhibition inside the castle documents the history of the area.

In the past, people built many settlements on the friendly edges of the Pannonian Plain where picturesque hills begin to rise. The largest and best-preserved of these, Varaždin, was once the Croatian capital, the seat of the ban and the Croatian parliament,and is now the economic and cultural centre of the country. Another famous town, Lepoglava, has an ancient prison, a most sumptuous Pauline church, and much-loved traditional lace-making, examples of which make ideal souvenirs. Also famous is Varaždinske Toplice, Croatia's oldest thermal spa, which for centuries attracted the cream of European society and is still a famous watering-place and recreation-centre.

Each part of the province of Varaždin opens new and different pages in the history of the region.

The City of Varaždin itself, 800 years old, has one of the best-preserved medieval town-centres in Europe: a heritage proudly displayed in the city’s many museums and galleries. Even the cemetery is famous for its horticulture! Visitors can enjoy a whole array of events, such as the Splendid Ball; the 'Špancirfest' (Street Walkers' Festival); the festival Evenings of Baroque Music; the New Year's Eve race (starting exactly at midnight on 31st. December) and many others.

Ludbreg, the “centre of the world” and place of legends and miracles, is a holy place, one of the few in the Christian world founded by a written decree of the Pope.

There are many other places, sites and events to enjoy. The Opeka Arboretum is a park has specimens of rare exotic trees from all over the world. The mountain slopes are the habitat of some thirty species of orchids. Hunters will delight in Zelendvor hunting-grounds. Anyone interested in folklore will love the Vidovec Cabbage Festival; the Cvetlin Ethno Music Festival; the Trakošćan May Day celebrations; the Jalžabet Festival of Old Traditions; the Village Games in Salinovec; the lively and unusual 'Off Road' Festival at Kneginec; the Toplice Baroque Cuisine Festival and many other attractions which the region can offer.

Feel free to enjoy the Varaždin area all the year round!

Welcome to our friendly province. We work to make our guests' stay unforgettable.

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