Eurodyssée is an exchange programme between European Regions, which allows young job seekers aged between 18 and 30* to benefit from a traineeship placement abroad for a period between three to seven months.

In a tripartite arrangement, the regional administrations that are members of the Eurodyssey programme will submit the young persons application and profile to potential employers of their network in order to find a work placement for him/her.

* Note: The age limit may vary according to the origin region.

The objectives are:

for the young people

1 - to integrate young people from all horizons and educational backgrounds,
2 - to gain professional experience,
3 - to get an opportunity to improve their knowledge of a foreign language,
4 - to put their social and cultural skills to the test,
5 - to enhance their employability and facilitate their adjustment to the international labour market.

for the Regions that take part in the Eurodyssey programme

1 - to offer to young qualified Europeans, aged between 18 and 30, living in the Regions active within the Eurodyssey programme, the chance to carry out a practical traineeship placement of three to seven months in a business or institution,
2 - to help and foster the young people's transition into the labour market
3 - to provide opportunities for young people to widen their cultural and professional horizon
4 - to successfully address youth unemployment and management of human resources
5 - to make young people ambassadors of their Region.

for the businesses and institutions that cooperate with the administration of a Eurodyssey Region

1 - to give a business the opportunity to make use of the skills of a young person educated in another European country.
2 - to make the economic environment play a part in the training of young people at the same time as opening up to Europe.
3 - to offer to young Europeans a professional business experience.
4 - to allow trainees to adapt socially, culturally and linguistically.

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