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2017 Eurodyssey elections: call for applications for Steering Committee Chair and Members

13 Jun 2017

The call for applications for Steering Committee Chair and Members is now open. The procedure can be found below.

Elections at the Eurodyssey Forum

According to Eurodyssey Statute 5.4 c), “the Eurodyssey Forum elects, for a mandate of two years, renewable, the Steering Committee chair and members”.

The positions of Steering Committee Chair and members are now open for applications.

The Eurodyssee Statute foresees the following:


In the event of a tied vote, on issues other than elections, the Chair of the body in question has the casting vote.



Statute Article 1.5: Mission and objectives


1.5 All votes are by simple majority, defined as a majority of the members present and voting, unless otherwise specified in the present statute.

All elections are carried out by secret ballot, unless a unanimous decision to the contrary is made by the body in question.

Other decisions are taken through a vote by show of hands, unless a member requests otherwise.



Statute Article 5.4: The Eurodyssee Forum


  1. a) Is consulted on all decisions concerning the programme, including Statute and Procedures and measures taken by the Steering Committee;
  2. b) Adopts the annual report of the Steering Committee;
  3. c) Elects, for a mandate of two years, renewable, the Steering Committee chair and members;

Statute Article 6.1: Steering Committee Chair


  1. a) prepares the work and all the decisions of Eurodyssey and represents Eurodyssey in all external relations.
  2. b) chairs the meetings of the Eurodyssey Forum and has the power to make all necessary decisions concerning the implementation of the decisions of said bodies.


Statute 6.2: Should the Steering Committee Chair’s regional assignment be lost; the AER Executive Board will appoint a substitute from within the Steering Committee.


Statute Article 8: Steering Committee


Statute 8.1: By delegation from the AER Executive Board, the Committee is authorised to meet and to make decisions in accordance with the Eurodyssey statutory objectives or useful to its smooth running.


Statute 8.2: The Steering Committee


  1. a) Manages the coordination of all Eurodyssey activities, including the annual Forum, in collaboration with the Secretariat;
  2. b) Gives proposals to the Forum and/or to the Secretariat.
  3. c) Takes ownership of the decisions and their implementation;
  4. d) Accepts new members for ratification by the Executive Board.

Statute 8.3: The Committee will be composed by


  1. a) Five to ten (5-10) civil servants, representing active Eurodyssey regions who are members of the AER;
  2. b) A representative of the AER Secretariat.

    Members’ attendance of all Committee meetings is compulsory.


Statute 8.4: The invitation and draft agenda should be sent to members at least two weeks and the working documents at least one week before the meeting.

Decisions of the Steering Committee are valid if at least a majority of the members are present, including participation by means of ICT.



Call for Applications


  • Deadline for applications: 12pm, 18th September, 2017
  • Publication of applications: 19th September, 2017
  • Election: 3-5 October, 2017 (at the Eurodyssey Forum)


How to apply?

Interested candidates should send a copy of their CV, together with a letter of recommendation from the head of the region they represent to Candidates should also be present at the Eurodyssey Forum in Sibenik, where the election will take place.


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