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Eurodyssey success story from MSF Brussels (video)

24 Nov 2016

Joffrey Monnier works for MSF in Brussels and if a former Eurodyssey trainee. He took part in the programme in 2004 in Paris. Convinced by the added value of Eurodyssey, Joffrey continues to work with interns from the programme and has even hired two. He and Ghislain Massotte explain the benefits of the programme and the importance of youth mobility for access to the job market.

Eurodyssey is the AER youth mobility programme used by regions as a tool to tackle unemployment and provide their young people with a concrete way to improve their CV and professional experience. Eurodyssey prides itself in the quality of its exchanges which is the result of careful matching for each participant in the programme and a tailored approach to ensure a win-win situation for the young person and the company.


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