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The European Solidarity Corps: Acting for Europe (video)

24 Nov 2016

Although Mr Joseph Jammar, Head of Representation of the European Commission in Belgium could not take part in the Eurodyssey Forum in Cyprus, he prepared a video message for the participants to provide them with information on the future European Solidarity Corps in the framework of the conference “A fair mobility”.

The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is conceived to offer people under 30 in Europe the chance to support a non-governmental organisation (NGO), local authority or private company active in addressing challenging situations across the European Union – for instance: rebuilding communities following natural disasters; addressing social challenges such as social exclusion, poverty, health and demographic challenges; or working on the reception and integration of refugees.

The Corps will develop its own distinct identity, rooted in the core EU values of engagement and solidarity. By joining the Corps, participants will express their commitment and willingness to devote a period of their lives to helping others. By supporting others, including the most vulnerable in our societies and communities, young people will not only put the core EU value of solidarity into practice, but also acquire skills and experience, including language skills, that can be valuable when looking for a job or considering further education and training.

Source: European Commission RAPID database

Eurodyssey is the AER youth mobility programme used by regions as a tool to tackle unemployment and provide their young people with a concrete way to improve their CV and professional experience. Eurodyssey prides itself in the quality of its exchanges which is the result of careful matching for each participant in the programme and a tailored approach to ensure a win-win situation for the young person and the company.

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