Companies - Procedures

The  development of training period covers several stages :

1. Canvassing

- Search for companies prepared to welcome a young European
- or search for a young European to satisfy a company's request

2. Negotiating the training period

Agreement between the partners (company, regional authorities and trainee) on the content and practical details of the training.

3. Welcoming the trainee

The Hosting Organisation arranges the trainee’s arrival and accommodation, as well as the language course.

4. Follow up

The Hosting Organisation monitors the trainee throughout his training period and carries out an evaluation together with the company.

Practical Details

1. Status

Depending on the laws in force in the Region, trainees under the scheme have the status of either :
- trainee undergoing occupational training
- employee.

2. Working conditions

During his time with the company, the trainee is placed under the authority of the Chief Executive of the company welcoming him. His duties will have been clearly defined before his arrival and he is bound by the company's rules and working hours.

3. Financing

Trainees will either receive a grant or be paid a salary depending on how the Eurodyssée programme is run in the Region concerned.

4. Insurance Cover

An insurance policy covering personal accident, civil liability, and health and repatriation is taken out and financed for each trainee by the Eurodyssée general secretariat and the AER.

5.  Contract

A training contract is signed by all three partners (company, trainee and regional authorities).

During their stay abroad, trainees are followed-up and assisted by the programme coordinators of the Hosting Region in dealing with all issues arising both at work and outside.

Most Regions organise visits, excursions and events designed to help the trainees assimilate and appreciate the culture of the host Region.

In the month following the end of the work placement, trainees must submit a report to their home and/or Hosting Region.

In general, the traineeship certificate is issued subject to reception of this report.