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État :
The programme is organized by the Šibenik-Knin County. All participants have to sign the Agreement with the County upon their arrival. Participants in the program have the status of a trainee volunteer.

Bourse :
Candidates will receive a monthly allowance paid into their Croatian bank account (which they open after arrival). The amount of the allowance is 400 EUR and is intended for food and private use of the candidates, while other costs (accommodation, language course, cultural activities and public transport pass) will be paid by the Šibenik-Knin County. Candidates are advised to take sufficient amount of money for the first month after their arrival. * The scholarship amount is indexed to the cost of living in the country of destination.

* La valeur de la bourse est proportionnelle au coût ded la vie dans le pays d'accueil.

Hébergement :
Candidates will be accommodated in student dormitory (new building) in Šibenik, in comfortable double rooms with bathroom OR rented apartments, depending on the availibility. Double rooms and appartment, if shared, will be shared with other Eurodyssee trainees.

Formation linguistique :
The Croatian formation includes 60 hours of private Croatian course by a professional teacher. Important to notice: employers are familiar with the fact that candidates attend the language course parallel with the traineeship and allow them to be absent from work for occasionally. All the costs of the language course are covered by the County.

Activités culturelles et sociales :
During the whole period of the programme in Šibenik-Knin County there will be organized different cultural activities. Those activities will be an opportunity to discover different aspects of the County (cultural and historical heritage, tradition and customs, gastronomy etc.). The activities are integral part of the programme and they are obligatory. If the cultural activities are performed during the week the participants will have a day off at work.

Documentation nécessaire :
Identification card or Passport valid for at least 6 six months, Medical certificate (noting the absence of all physical or psychological diseases), Attestation of medical insurance in domicile country, Private medical insurance, 2 photos of identity, Copy of diploma. In case of medical assistance each participant should have a private medical insurance prior to arrival to the Sibenik-Knin County.

Autres :
During practical training the participants are not entitled to have holidays (except authorization expressed by their responsible person in the company). At the end of the training, before the departure, each participant has to write a report about the training.

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