État :
The program is organized by the Region of Istria. All participants have to sign the Agreement with the Region of Istria on their arrival. The participants in the program have the status of a trainee volunteer.

Bourse :
Each participant will receive monthly allowance of 400 € on their Croatian bank account (it will be opened after their arrival). The first payment will be made at the end of the linguistic training therefore it is necessary for participants to take sufficient amount of money for their expenses until they receive the first payment (approximately 400-500 €). All the expenses of the linguistic training, accommodation and local public transport are covered by the Region of Istria.

* La valeur de la bourse est proportionnelle au coût ded la vie dans le pays d'accueil.

Hébergement :
The accommodation will be organized in apartments shared with other trainees for the whole period of the training in the Region of Istria. Each participant has to make a deposit of 120 € for the apartment at the beginning of the training. In case of no damage the deposit will be returned at the end of the training.

Formation linguistique :
The intensive course of Croatian language will be held the first month (4 weeks/5h per day). Linguistic training in the Region of Istria consists of Croatian language and culture.

Activités culturelles et sociales :
During the program in Istria there will be organized different cultural activities. Those activities will be an opportunity to discover different aspects of the Region of Istria (cultural and historical heritage, tradition and customs, gastronomy etc.). As the activities are integral part of the program they are obligatory. If the cultural activities are performed during the week the participants will have a day off at work.

Documentation nécessaire :
Identification card, Passport valid for at least 6 six months, Medical certificate (noting the absence of all physical or psychological diseases), European Health Insurance Card, 2 photos of identity, Copy of diploma.

Autres :
At the end of the training, before the departure, each participant has to write a report about the training.

COVID-19 :


Début Fin
23 May 2011 20 August 2011
28 May 2012 25 August 2012
03 June 2013 31 August 2013
28 May 2014 31 August 2014
30 May 2019 30 August 2019