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biotechnologist (University)


Description des tâches du/des stagiaire(s)

Area (field) Molecular biology and phytochemical testing
We have establish 3D cell lines cultures from human biopsies. The potential candidate must be on top of our cultures, maintaining them healthy and viable. Consequently, 3D cell cultures will treat with phytochemicals. At this point, s/he will perform several cell assays and will determine the effect of those compounds. Lastly, multi-omics data will be processed by different software packages.


Profil du stagiaire

Qualifications : Niveau d'études/Formation professionnelle

Master degree in Biotechnology/Biology/Biochemistry

Compétences personnelles et sociales

The candidate must be responsible for leading on equality, diversity and inclusion. Flexibility, self-discipline and curiosity as well as collaboration and responsibility are basic skills at our laboratory.

Compétences linguistiques


Compétences informatiques

Office package, data analysis using R Bioconductor, understanding the usage of univariate and multivariate data analysis, downstream analyses (KEGG, BioCyc, and MetExplore).

Autres compétences

Experience in at least one or two laboratory (biology/biochemistry) settings demonstrated by references.

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Région : Trentino-Alto Adige

Domaine : Life Sciences

Durée : 6 Mois

Début : 12 Jun 2019

Fin : 12 Dec 2019

Délai : 31 May 2019

Cours de langue

from 13th of June to 28th of June 2019 50 hr


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Voyages inclus


Horaire de travail

7 hours per day 9 – 17h