F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Companies - How can I submit a traineeship?

Companies that look forward to participate in the Eurodyssée programme, and which are located in one of Eurodyssée member regions (see list of Eurodyssée members), can submit a traineeship offer online, according to the following procedure:

1 - Register on the website (during this procedure you’ll be asked for your region).

2 – After submitting your region will receive your application. They will contact you and then activate your company.

3 – After this, you will log in and you can (in your “My profile” menu) access your “Traineeship Offers”.

4 - Fill in the new traineeship offer online form and all the required fields. Submit it.

5 - Wait for offer validation from the origin region.

6 - After validating, your region of origin publicizes the offer on the website.
Please notice that the region will chose which offer content will go public on the website, according to its own management of the programme.

7- Your traineeship offer is public and youngsters can apply to it

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