F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Regions - How can my region join the programme?

Regions may contact the Eurodyssey Secretariat, showing their intention to enter the programme.

Candidate regions will then choose a reference region from the same country that will provide technical and administrative assistance during the adhesion period.

After a period that shall last no longer than 60 days, official membership is formalised with the signing of a Letter of Commitment between the authorities of the candidate Region and the Eurodyssey President.

The exchanges of young trainees with all Eurodyssey regions will take place.

Please note that new regions in the programme who are not yet AER members have one year to require AER membership in order to continue to be part of Eurodyssey”.

For further information on how to achieve membership, please consult the chapter II.3.2 Conditions for participation and chapter II.2.3 Links with the Eurodyssey programme, of the Founding Texts.

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