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Fribourg is one of Switzerland’s best-kept secrets. Its winningly attractive medieval Old Town, almost perfectly preserved, is set on a forest peninsula in a meander of the River Sarine.


The Canton of Fribourg counts around 268'000 inhabitants, spread over a territory of 1.671 km2. Two-thirds of the population speak French, and one-third speaks German. The French-speaking areas are in the west of the canton, whereas the German-speaking areas are in the east. There are a number of bilingual towns, a fact that has attracted some international businesses.

The canton lies on the elevated Swiss Plateau. In the west the lands are flat, but towards the south east of the canton, the lands rise to a hilly region. This region is commonly called pre-Alps. The highest elevation in the canton is the Vanil Noir with 2,389 m (7,838 ft).

Fribourg is a region of innovation and advancing towards clean tech. Fribourg has some headquarters of international companies. Numerous prominent multinationals selected the Canton of Fribourg to locate their headquarters for global and European activities. Fribourg thus serves as a platform for such varying activities as research and development, high-tech production, regional distribution, international management functions, as well as holding activities.

Fribourg has a high genuine quality of life and the youngest population of Switzerland with an excellent education system.

Fribourg is much more than a detour, it is a destination. To pass it by would be your loss. Take time to feel “Le Pays de Fribourg” and when you come once, you’ll come again.



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