Regiones : Arges

Arges - a wonderful region to experience

The Arges County offers a rich tapestry of tourist attractions and vacation experiences unique in Central-Easter Europe. Diverse and spectacular is the Romanian relief, but few regions offer a unique and complete experience of the grandeur of the sunset or the possibility to feel the freshness of the leaves heavy with mountain dew.

It is a region that one has to experience in order to understand the people's connection to the nature, their music, folcklore and customs.

The traditional Romanian hospitality, together with the beauty of Arges landscapes and its economic potential, constitute strong reasons for including Arges County in the priority map.

Come and explore our beautiful region!

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Conseil Departemental d'Arges
Piata Vasile Milea, Nr.1, Pitesti, Arges 110035 Pitesti Romania
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Trabajo +40 248 210 056 Fax +40 248 220 137
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