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The County of Karlovac is located in central Croatia and covers an area of 3622 km2 and is one of the larger counties of 20 as there are in Croatia. Thanks to its transit, traffic and geostrategic position is one of the most important counties: There is an intersection of the hub of major roads connecting Europe with the Adriatic coast.

The Karlovac county borders with the two neighboring countries: Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in contact with the four counties: Zagreb, Sisak-Moslavina, Primorje-Gorski Kotar and Lika Senj. In Karlovac County live 141 787 inhabitants (census of 2001.). It includes 5 towns: Duga Resa (12 114 inhabitants), Karlovac (59 395), Ogulin (15 054), Ozalj (7932) and Slunj (6096) and 17 municipalities Barilović (3,095), Bosiljevo (1486), Cetingrad (2746), Draganić (2950), Generalski Table (3199), Cavan (3987), Kamanje (constituted on 20 February 2004. year.) Krnjak (2,164), Lasinja (1938), Neretić (3333), Plaski (2292), Novi ( 2,623), Ribnik (583), Saborsko (860), Tounj (1252), Vojnić (5495) and Žakanje (3193).

The administrative, political, economic, cultural and sports center of the county town of Karlovac. In the area of Karlovac County adjoined to the diversity of natural features of the Alpine, Pannonian and Karst ground. The beauty of the four rivers Kupa, Korana Mrežnice and Dobra, the forested hills of Great and Little Chapel, Park Kordun Karst, transit location and rich historical heritage of the permanent values that underpin the economic livelihood and quality of life of its population. Karlovac County of the old historical times the most important transit Croatian.

The tourist part of economy is based on four rivers, beauties of this county: you can choose between swimming in their clean water, canuing, rowing, rafting. You can choose fishing in the lakes, rivers or in their mountain tributary streams. You can also go hunting in the woods near Dragania, on Klek or Modruša, or you can go skiing on ski slopes of Bjelolasica. There are numerous possibilities for manifold forms of recreation such as mountain paths and trails, cycling tracks, caves in its karst, health (termal) resorts, and many other which makes this area one of the most interesting. It attracts a great number of tourists to come to Croatia and visit Karlovac and its county. But this is not all that attracts tourists. Numerous attractive (attractive because of their architecture) historical and cultural monuments and buildings, such as old towns and castles Dubovac, Ozalj, Ribnik, Bosiljevo, Novigrad on river Dobra, Modruš, Slunj, Cetin, Zvečaj, Barilović and many other, monasteries and other sacral buildnings like Paulist's monastery in Kamensko and in Svetice (there used to be one in the past on Petrova gora), then Franciscan monastery in Karlovac (there used to be one in Cetine, Slunj, Modruša, Stjenjak, too), Dominican monastery in Modruša, Bosiljevo, etc., also fascinate many tourists.

On touristic market, county of Karlovac presents itself as a "County on four rivers - close to you, destianation which enables recreation and excursions through the whole year, where you can enjoy in clean and healthy environment."

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◦ Well preserved old towns: Ozalj, Bosiljevo, Ogulin, Dubovac, Ribnik and Novigrad,
◦ rich sacral heritage (numerous churches and chapels)
◦ historic routes,
◦ unusual bridges (two-store bridge in Tounj and the longest bridge in Croatia nearby city Karlovac)
◦ ample archaeological collections in the museums in Karlovac, Ogulin and Ozalj.

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◦ Numerous traditional folks customs.
◦ A wealth of old folks costumes, songs, and dances nourished by cultural and artistic societies.

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There are some of the protected parts of the natural heritage in our County:

◦  North part of the National Park NP Plitvieka jezera,
◦ “Eorkova uvala” – a unique forest in this part of Europe,
◦ “Bijele” and “Samarske” rocks.


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