Estado :
The Trainee Status generally follows the status of the youngsters in vocational training in Portugal.

Bolsa :
Each trainee is entitled to a monthly allowance of approximately € 945(paid until the tenth day of the following month). This amount is to cover accommodation, food and transportation. Therefore, we highly recommend trainees to bring some extra money to deal with the first month’s daily expenses (including accommodation). Each month the scholarship will be transferred to the bank account that trainees will open in Azores.

* O valor da bolsa é proporcional ao custo de vida do país de acolhimento.

Alojamento :
The accommodation will be booked by the program (more information at the acceptance declaration) or by the trainee. Depending on the type of accommodation, the cost can vary from 250 euros to 500 euros per month. According to the legislation, the owner can claim a rental guarantee equivalent to 2 months of rent.

Formação Linguística :
The language course includes 80 hours of Portuguese classes and 20 hours dedicated to the cultural program. Each participant is entitled to a certificate.

Actividades culturais e sociais :
Will be organized 2 cultural visits to sites touristic of the island of São Miguel.

Documentação necessária :
European Health Insurance Card and/or private insurance; Copy of National Identification Card or Passport (valid document); Copy of the certificate of studies; Medical certificate.

Outros :
Applicants for the tourism sector must master the English language and may have to make proof of their skills, through the filling of the application form/CV in English or through the sending of a cover letter also in English, or even in telephone interviews.

COVID-19 :


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15 June 2011 16 December 2011
15 February 2012 17 August 2012
11 June 2012 13 December 2012
04 February 2013 09 August 2013
17 June 2013 18 December 2013