Testimonios: Experiencias de las prácticas

Testimonios de jóvenes que embarcaron en la aventura Eurodisea


Andreia Tavares

Portuguese Trainee in Comunidad Valenciana (E)

“This stage of my life will be forever remembered by the experience that the Eurodyssey Program provided me with. It has surely been a step ahead in terms of personal growth.

I discovered new cultures, made new friends, learnt a new language. I had the opportunity to travel a lot and to know amazing people and places! Spain will always be a great memory for me and I will take Valencia back in my heart.

I seriously advise young people to enjoy this opportunity. Obviously, it isn’t always a bed of roses. You will find some obstacles to overcome… but aren’t those that make us grow and makes us stronger? This is a challenge not to miss.”

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