Youth - How to take part ?


To participate in Eurodyssée, you have to find out first if your region is a member of the program.
To do so, please check the regions listed here, and contact us by filing the form.

Even if your region is not part of Eurodyssée, please check AER member regions list here, and contact your region.


Now you should create your Eurodyssée profile. With it you will be able to apply to traineeships and follow all the steps and updates until you finish the traineeship.


 To create your profile click here.

 Before register, please make sure that you have a digitalized version of your Curriculum vitae.




Afterwards, check all available traineeship offers and choose the one that best suits you.

If there are no traineeship offers available when you are signing up, do it anyway. New opportunities might come up. All accounts are analysed and prepared by local teams in order to ensure coverage of all training fields (unsolicited application).

Do you have a question?

Feel free to ask !

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