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Business development support



Description of tasks to be undertaken by the trainee(s)

The trainee will support the business development manager in reviewing the policy framework for science, technology and innovation policy in overseas markets, notably Asia and Africa. The aim will be to compile a report covering these countries and identify where there may be opportunities to further expand opportunities for Technopolis Group to either source policy relevant information from these countries, work with international organisations such as UNESCO or UNIDO, or co-operate with national organisations.


Profile of Trainee

Qualification: Educational Qualifications/Vocational Training

Minimum Masters level qualification in science, technology and innovation policy, or economics or public administration.

Personal and Social Skills

Evidence of strong organisational skills and of the ability to work in a team in a multinational environment.

Language Skills

English (fluent), French (fluent) or another EU language and if possible at least reading fluency of an Asian language (Chinese, Korean or Japanese).

Information Technology (IT) Skills

Should be competent in all basic Office software. Some knowledge of statistical packages (SPSS, STATA, etc.) would be useful.

Other Prerequisites/Skills


Currently there are 1 youngsters selected for this traineeship.

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Region: Bruxelles-Capitale

Area: Business sciences / Administration

Duration: 6 month(s)

Beginning: 02 Apr 2012

Ending: 28 Sep 2012

Number of trainees




Includes trips abroad


Work schedule

The work schedule will be defined in agreement with the business development manager(instructor) during the first week of the traineeship. The normal working hours of the office are 9am-6pm Monday to Friday