The candidates arriving to Karlovac County have the status of a trainee volunteer.

Candidates receive a monthly allowance paid into their Croatian bank account (which they open after arrival) by Karlovac County (regional government). The amount of the allowance is 300 euro and is intended for mainly private use of the candidates, since almost all of the other costs (accommodation, some meals, and language course) are paid by the regional government. The candidates are advised to take sufficient amount of money for the first month after their arrival. * The scholarship amount is indexed to the cost of living in the country of destination.

* The scholarship amount is indexed to the cost of living in the country of destination.

The candidates are accommodated in small apartment or in families (own room) in Karlovac near the working place. There are more possibilities for access to the internet in the town; there is also a Youth center or similar centers where you can spend your free time hanging out with young people.

Language training:
The Croatian language course takes place in the premises of Karlovac County administration/working place or agreed location. The course is taught by a professional teacher who works at school. Important to notice: employers are familiar with the fact that candidates attend the language course parallel with the traineeship and allow them to be absent from work for occasionally. All the costs of the language course are covered by the County.

Cultural and social activities:
Karlovac County organizes several trips, exhibition visits and gastronomy tours, in order to get candidates familiar with the history, culture and social life of the region. There are eventually some visits planned to other counties with Eurodyssee-trainees

Required documentation:
4 photos, passport, European health insurance, European birth certificate.

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