During the programme Eurodyssée in Midi-Pyrénées, the trainees will have the status of a trainee in a professional formation. They will pass a linguistic formation during one month and a professional work placement during four months. A work placement agreement will be signed by their hosting company and Itinéraire International and, of course, the trainee. The working period will be 35 hours per week with an interval of 2 free days per week. The programme is not providing for holidays . The working period of your work placement depends on the characteristics of work placement sector. During the period of linguistic training, every trainee will meet his host company and will be accompanied by a tutor of Itinéraire International. During this meeting, the trainee will discover the company, will sign his work placement agreement, the objectives of the work placement will be established as well as the missions and the working schedules. Evaluation: the trainee will be monitored and evaluated by Itinéraire International during his work placement (interviews and/or phone calls and/or e-mails and balance assessment in the company). After the first half of the programme, a tutor of Itinéraire International organise in the enterprise an intermediary evaluation at the work placement. At the end of the work placement, the tutor organise a final meeting of your work placement. Before the end of the work placement and before the last evaluation meeting you will write and hand over the final report to the Eurodysséee program officer. During the work placement period, you can contact your tutor of Itinéraire International by e-mail and/or by telephone if it is necessary.

The trainee will receive an amount of € 750 covering each full month of the work placement. The payment is financed by the Midi-Pyrénées Region. The money will be remitted direct to the trainee by the Midi-Pyrénées Region throught bank transfer. The money allows paying the accommodation fees, the food and the local transport. At the end of the period, in order to receive the rest of the money, the trainee has to hand over his report about the work placement to Itinéraire International. The trainees will also receive a certificate from their hosting enterprise. Modality: IMPORTANT The first monthly payment is transmitted approximately the 15 of the month after the arrival of the trainee. The trainee has to take ENOUGH money so that he/she covers the accommodation fees and the food as well as the personal needs DURING THIS PERIOD that means for one month and a half.

* The scholarship amount is indexed to the cost of living in the country of destination.

Itinéraire International is in charge of making proposals to the trainees concerning housing according to their preferences and available funds. IMPORTANT: Charges can be arised independently from Itinéraire International. - Either home for young workers from -18 to 30 years - The monthly rent is approximately 450 euros per month for a single room (12 to 18 m²) with 16 dinner and breakfast (Monday to Friday) and 370 euros for a double room with 16 + small dinner lunch (Monday to Friday). A rent deposit of 220 euros is payable on arrival, it will be returned upon departure if there has been no degradation or loss. Application fees of € 20 may be charged to the student. Whether for a single room: 450 euros / month + deposit 220 For a double room: 370 euros / month + 220 bail. Rent and security deposit are required on arrival to the trainee. These charges correspond to those of the Nazareth Home in Toulouse charges can vary depending to the Home and the city. -Either in a host family: 340 euros a month in a single room with kitchen access + € 80 fees fixed file for the whole stay (to be paid at the first receipt of the award) This price is EXCEPT EXPENSES OF FOOD and can be modulated in the decline according to the options of accommodation chosen by the trainees. An information sheet for family accommodation will be sent together with the acceptance of the work placement and will be completed by the trainee. We will also send a sample of the standard contract as well as the charter of manners in the host family. There is no security deposit when you are accommodated in a host family. Or in autonomous accommodation: The trainee can decide to find himself his accommodation if he wants to be accommodated in an apartment or roommate. In that case, he necessarily MUST PREVENT Itinéraire International of his choice, upon the DEPOSIT OF HIS APPLICATION. Itiniéraire International will not interfere with the research process for this type of accommodation, only the trainee is responsible for it. Useful sites (as a rough guide) Housing assistance: the candidate has the opportunity to apply for housing assistance (APL) to cover a part of his rent. This support of the French state is calculated based on his income and it is not automatic. Note that for candidates from a country outside the European Economic Area, it is necessary to have a residence permit of current validity for receiving housing assistance.

Language training:
The first months of the program will be dedicated to the linguistic training (80 hours) in French. The schedule of courses (time and place) will be presented during the welcome meeting. To improve their level of French at a higher one, the trainees will work by their own one hour a day, in addition to the language training. Presence is compulsory. The unjustified absences will be financially penalized. (justified absences are mainly sick leave, case of absolute necessity) The trainees have to provide the material to take notes during the courses. For Belgian and French-speaking trainees, the professional training course will begin directly the first month.

Cultural and social activities:
During the first month, 2 cultural visits will be organized to discover Toulouse. During the professional workplacement, the trainees will participate in 2 cultural days to discover the Midi-Pyrénées. Region The programme of the cultural visits will be handed out during the welcome meeting.

Required documentation:
- Identification card or passport (original + copy) - European health insurance card (original + copy) - Insurance confirmation of the programme Eurodyssée (original + copy) - Complete private insurance confirmation for the trainees from non comunautary countries (original + copy) - 1 photo of the identity (for the local transports) - Income statement for the years 2008 and 2009 (to ask for housing assistance) - Medical certificate of good health

BEFORE THE DEPARTURE 1/ The work placement acceptance When the work placement is found, we send to the regional correspondent an acceptance of the workplacement. It is absolutely necessary that the trainee signs and returns this document by scan to us within 10 days before the arrival at the latest. 2/ The journey In the same way, it is absolutely necessary that we are informed at least 8 days before your arrival: of the means of transport to Toulouse, the date and the exact time as well as the place of arrival. In this way, we can help you to organize the arrival at Toulouse. The travel expenses to go to Midi-Pyrénées are the charge of the trainee. ATTENTION If the trainee arrives one or several days before the date stipulated with Intinéraire International, he has to pay it by himself: the costs of accommodation, food and all other additional costs. DURING THE PROGRAM 1/ The welcome meeting On your arrival, you will have a meeting at Itinéraire International office Itinéraire International 50 Rue Achille Viadieu 31400 TOULOUSE Tel : +33 (0)5 34 31 60 25 Metro line B, stop Saint Michel Marcel Langer At the welcome meeting, we will present you all the points of the Vademecum. It will be the opportunity to answer the questions from the trainees about the organization of the workplacement Eurodysée in Midi-Pyrenées. We will give the dates and schedules of meetings to make the local transport card, the opening of the bank accounts and the demand for housing assistance. We will provide the trainees with the schedule of french classes and cultural excursions. Every trainee will have an individual interview to talk about his host company and to talk about the logistic and personal issues if it is necessary. 2/ Administrative procedures on your arrival On your arrival, Itinéraire International will accompany you with the following steps: - Opening of a French bank account - Creation of the local transport card - Realization of the application for housing assistance (APL) The schedule of these steps will be communicated to you during the welcome meeting. BEFORE THE END of the work placement at before the last evaluation meeting you will write and hand over the final report to the Eurodysséee program officer. The trainee is responsable for closing his/her bank acount and his/her housing assistance procedure.

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