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There is no legally defined status of a trainee in Germany. Therefore the contract between three parties(the host-institution,the trainee and the program coordinator F+ U Heidelberg) will be signed at the beginning of the training period.This agreement regulates the amount of working hours per week (40), the payment (usually there is none) and is not subject to social insurance.

The host region of Baden-Württemberg provides the Eurodysseeparticipants with: - a monthly grant of 300 € (usually paid in cash, in the first week of every month), in the last month of the training period the payment is split: (50% in the beginning and the rest after acceptance of the final report), - the rent for lodging in a student´s hostel (singleroom); toilets on the floor, - the German course (4-weeks intensive German) - expenses for the culture program (tickets, transport, organization etc.).

* The scholarship amount is indexed to the cost of living in the country of destination.

Accommodation is offered in mixed low category hostels. Single rooms are basically furnished; bathrooms and kitchens are shared with the other fellowlodgers. There is a regular cleaning service, however all residents are responsible for keeping their residence clean. Note: the mini-kitchens contain only the basic kitchen vessels. In particular cases there might even be the possibility of a homestay lodging. Arrival informations: On the day of arrival (usually on Sunday), the trainee should come directly to the hostel indicated in the invitation, where rooms are waiting and keys are handed in. If a homestay lodging adress has been communicated to the trainee he/she should inform in advance the guest family about time of arrival. The official welcome meeting with all participants is next day(usually Monday)in the school of F+U Heidelberg,where more information is given. The school-office is open Monday-Friday from 8.00 am till 8:00 pm and Saturdays from 8:00 am till 4:00 pm.

Language training:
German course (4 weeks intensive) are regularly offered on all levels taking place in the International Academy of Languages F + U Heidelberg.After a placement test to determine the initial level of German, the trainee will be integrated on the first day in the appropriate course level.

Cultural and social activities:
Excursions (with supervision) in the beautiful city of Heidelberg and it´s equally charming surroundings, some visits in the famous palaces in and around Heidelberg (like Mannheim, Schwetzingen, Karlsuhe,etc.), exhibitions, museums, festivals, events of popular culture (such as folk festivals, film and wine festivals, Carnival, Christmas Markets).There are visits in factories (e.g. BASF)as well as the world famous book fair in Frankfurt etc.

Required documentation:
After arrival you should present: - passport or identity card, - European Health Insurance Card or the equivalent evidence, - medical health certificate (in your language), - certificate of professional qualification or university diploma - 2 passportphotos (for student’s ID).

Evaluation: Before leaving, each trainee is supposed to present a final report (min. 10 pages,if possible with pictures,written in good German), where he/she should describe all important aspects of their stay.

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