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Decisions from the Eurodyssey Steering Committee in Sibenik-Knin (HR)

25 Oct 2017

In their last meeting in Sibenik-Knin (HR) at the 2017 Eurodyssey Forum, the newly elected members of the Steering Committee took some strategic steps to continue the process of change and renewal for the programme.

New procedures for better cooperation

After the adoption of a new Statute at the AER General Assembly in May 2017, the Steering Committee has now adopted its Procedures. The draft proposal was discussed and well received by the Eurodyssey members at the Forum. The text was finalised by the Steering Committee members to take on board the comments received. The final text is available in English and French. The aim of the Procedures is to provide minimum quality standards for all parties involved in the programme (regions, young people and companies) so as to improve the matching and quality of the mobility.

Revised process for welcoming new regions

The engagement of each member is crucial for the Eurodyssey programme to be a success and for quality matching. One key factor for achieving this is by focussing on the proper welcoming of new regions. This will be ensured by re-instating the mentoring programme that had proved successful in the past, where experienced regions will accompany newcomers to provide advice and support for a successful implementation. Also, regions interested in joining the programme will be asked to provide some information on their objectives and targets; the application will be reviewed by the Steering Committee.

Working on pilot actions

Using the strong Eurodyssey network to develop pilot actions among active regions is one of the added-values of the programme that has not been explored recently. A working group at the Forum discussed some ideas that will now be further developed in concept notes before opening calls to involve Eurodyssey regions. The proposed pilot actions are: (a) Study visits for young people in specific fields; (b) “Compagnonnage” in a foreign country; (c) Mobility for less qualified young people; (d) Training programme for regional public administration civil servants on the mobility programmes.

List of Eurodyssey member regions

The Steering Committee was delighted to welcome Arad (RO) back into the Eurodyssey network after some years of absence. The region will pick up its activities in 2018. The state of membership and list of Eurodyssey members as adopted by the Steering Committee is available here. Arad will be accompanied by Brussels-Capital region for this new start.

Website improvements

It has been largely recognised that the current Eurodyssey website lacks promotion capabilities and attractiveness. The Steering Committee has agreed on certain guiding principles for an improved website, where each region would be in full control of its own pages, programme and information. The Eurodyssey secretariat will have a key role in centralising and disseminating communication efforts made by the regions in order to extend the reach and promotion.

Looking to the 2018 Eurodyssey Forum

As discussions are ongoing for the host region of the 2018 Forum, we can already inform you that the event will take place in June 2018, a more convenient slot for such a gathering as expressed by the members of the network. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the dates and venue, stay tuned!

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